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2014-06-14 OldFactory 4.1.16 available:
Fixed a URL bar problem with the Status-4-Evar extension and the Pale Moon browser.

2014-05-04 - Firefox goes Australis


Hello everyone,

as you've probably already noticed Firefox 29 received a fundamentally redesigned UI called "Australis".

I'm sorry, but currently I can't really tell when (or even if at all!) my themes will be updated for it. :(

Well, I don't really want to bore you all with an extensive rant about all the things that I don't like about the new Firefox... ;)

But for my themes "Australis" means that I'd have to basically rebuilt them from the scratch. It's really a lot of work and not just a simple update, and I currently don't have that much time for it.

Also the installation of the great "Classic Theme Restorer" extension would be required to make them work similarly as they used to have:

However for updating the themes this makes matters just even more complicated, as they will have to work properly in conjunction with the CTR extension, as also without it. :(

So I'm sorry, but I can't really give any precise information about a possible update. It depends on the time I can find for it and on the amount of difficulties that I'll surely encounter.

Also, quite frankly, I have to admit that my motivation for doing development for Firefox isn't that high any more as it was when I initially created these themes, and when I still really liked Firefox. I don't want to go into details, but Firefox doesn't really feel genuine Firefox for me any more, but more and more like an exact Google Chrome clone. I can see that in the fact that I need more and more extensions for rolling back design decisions and restoring lost functionality of previous versions. The reason for me for still using Firefox at all is ever less the main browser, but just some great extensions by external developers that I'd really miss if I switched the browser.

So for my themes the best thing I can say now is: "Never say Never". Maybe there will be updates some time, but I can't really say when. So for the time being Firefox 28 is the last supported version.

Sorry to not have better news for you. :(