Theme adjustments for Firefox 4

Firefox introduces some changes to the button configuration, here's how to bring some of the old functionality back.

Reload / Stop buttons:


The reload and stop buttons are now combined and placed into the URL bar as default setting.

But you can get them back to the left side, either as a combined stop/reload button, or as seperate buttons like in previous Firefox versions.

To do this click on "View" --> "Toolbars" --> "Customize..."

Now drag-and-drop the buttons to the left side. This way you can also move the home button to the left again, which is now placed on the right as default.


If you place the reload button left of the stop button, you'll get a combined reload/stop button.
If you place the reload button right of the stop button, you'll get seperate reload and stop buttons.


throbber_big throbber_small

The throbber is disabled per default in FF4. To get it back go also to "View" --> "Toolbars" --> "Customize..." and drag-and-drop the "Activity Indicator" on a bar.


If you want to place it at the end of the menu bar, you have to add also some "Flexible Space" before it.

Status bar

The status bar is gone for good in FF4. To get it's functionality back you have to install the "Status-4-Evar" extension:


Firefox Theme Installation:

On all non-official Mozilla sites Firefox requires you to specifically allow the installation of add-ons.

Firefox 2:

When you click on the "INSTALL" link a yellow bar pops up:

Firefox Installation 1

Click on "Edit Options...", then on the "Allow" button:
Now you should be able to install the themes.

Firefox 3:

In Firefox 3 you can click directly on the "Allow" button:

If you don't want to click the "Allow" button all the time you can also add to the list of websites that are allowed to install add-ons. For that go to "Options" --> "Security" --> "Exceptions..."

Thunderbird Theme Installation:

For installing Thunderbird themes you have to download the .jar files somewhere on your computer.
(Right-click on the "DOWNLOAD" link --> "Save as...".

Then open the Addons-Manager, choose "Install", and locate the downloaded file:

Thunderbird Installation 1

Windows XP Theme Installation:

Windows XP by standard prevents the installation of non-Microsoft themes. To fix this there are two ways:

Method #1:

This works by patching the uxtheme.dll of Windows XP with a modified version, to allow the installation of third party themes. You can use for example the "Uxtheme Multi-patcher" to do this:

Update: The Multi-Patcher 5.5 so far has no support of Windows XP Service Pack 3.
You can try following patchers instead:

If they work depends on your Windows build and language version.

Installation of "OldFactory XP" after the Patch is done:

Extract the "" into

Make sure to retain the folder structure of the zip file.

Now right-click on your desktop and select "Properties". In the "Themes" tab you should see now the "OFXP" theme. Just apply it.

Method #2:

If method #1 doesn't work for you, or if you don't wanna patch your uxtheme.dll, then you can also use the software "Style XP" by TGT Soft.

After the program installation you can simply install the theme by importing the downloaded .zip file.

A trial version can be downloaded here:

The downside is that you have to pay for the program after the trial period is over.